Technical SEO audit &
One hour consultation with an SEO specialist


According to research by BrightEdge, 68 percent of all online experiences begin with a search engine like google, and 53 percent of web traffic comes from organic search.

But, only 0.78 percent of these searchers scroll and click on links on the second page of google.

So if you’re not showing up on page one of the SERPs, you ain’t getting clicks.

There are loads of things that can affect SEO rankings like on-page and off-page SEO, copy, content and technical SEO.

But, what even is technical SEO? ??‍♀️

Technical SEO is the stuff you do on your website that helps search engine spiders better crawl and index the content on your site. It includes things like page load speeds, user experience, content structure and more. A lot more actually.

Search engines such as Google, actually prioritize sites that meet these guides in their search results.

It doesn’t matter if you are writing the most amazing articles, if your page loads slowly, or if Google can’t easily find and crawl your content, you can’t rank. Ouch!

Ready to make improvements, but not ready for a fully managed SEO plan? We got ya!

We are offering a technical audit and a 1-hour call to identify issues and where you can make improvements right now to improve your technical SEO for just $100 USD. Our technical audit covers more than 180 checkpoints, from which we will identify and prioritize 10-15 changes that you can quickly and easily make and that can instantly improve your SEO.

On our call, we will go through what we find, offer our advice, highlight opportunities and answer your questions. So get your pen and paper ready.

After your call, you will be clear on what you can do next to get better rankings and more organic traffic, and be ready to start implementing them.

What our clients say

Annie Tao 

I loved working with Fern Colab to fully revamp my website and to get our SEO going. We climbed in rank on Google very quickly and we love working with Ragz!

Martin Ayala 

We went from getting no traffic at all to generating more than 80% from our leads through our site thanks to the amazing SEO job done by Ragz and his team!

Marcella Merigo

The Fern Colab team is very professional, dedicated, creative and open-minded. I would definitely recommend their work!!

Technical SEO audit and 1-hour consultation for $100 USD

How it works 

? Provide the information requested in the form

? Pay $100

? We do our audit 

?We have our 1-hour call

? You improve your SEO


Our technical audit will cover 180+ technical SEO checkpoints including:

✅ Website Architecture Analysis
✅ Page Experience Analysis
✅ Speed and core web vitals issues
✅ Mobile Usability
✅ Crawl and Indexing Checks
✅ URL Optimization & 404s and redirects
✅ Duplicate Content & Keyword Cannibalization
✅ Sitemaps.xml and Robots.txt
✅ Structured Markup
✅ Metadata
✅ Backlinks analysis
✅ Penalty Checks
✅ Image Optimization and Alt Tags


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