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Remote first, customized solutions, driven by our love for travel and surf. Fern is a full-service digital marketing & creative agency, fueling growth for some of the world’s most respected hotels, travel and surf brands.

We are a team of global creatives, strategists, digital marketers, cinematographers, and developers, with a common love for surf and travel, we are dedicated to delivering powerful growth solutions tailored to each unique business.

Our team has spent years working with businesses and brands around the world, and Fern Colab was born to bring some of the most talented people together, from award-winning cinematographers to SEO gurus, from influencers to Google ads specialists.

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Ragz Thompson | Founder

Born in Cornwall, UK, Ragz has spent the last 14 years traveling the world and working in the travel and surf travel industry from Morocco to Hawaii to Indonesia. Today, Ragz’s unique experiences in the industry allow him to provide unparalleled value to Fern Colab’s clients. He brings a deep understanding of their needs and challenges, and uses his expertise to help them reach new audiences and achieve their growth goals.

Lisa Oeschlager | Google Ads Specialist

Lisa joined the team in early 2023 after some discussions between waves at Nias. A charger in the water and a Google Ads wizz kid when sat at her desk, Lisa brings a vast knowledge of Google Ads and the surf travel industry to the team. If you are looking to take the next steps in your marketing and invest into ads, Lisa is the girl for the job. 

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