Fast. Secure. Powerful.

Hosting and Maintenance from Fern Colab

Through our partnership with WPMUDev and Digital Ocean, we have built our plans to offer the very best hosting and maintenance plans available, designed to give a stress free solution for web hosting and management that allows you to focus on what’s important to you. Growing your business.

Fern Colab handles everything for you, while you can check in and manage through the client hub. Manage billing, upgrade services, buy new domains and more in one place. 

Fully dedicated, lightning fast

Dedicated and fully-optimized for WordPress, thanks to the amazing services from WPMUDev & Digital ocean, we are pretty sure you’ll struggle to find better value for money hosting that comes with all the perks we offer.. Nothing shared, no interruptions, support on tap.. 

This allows us to focus on building highly converting websites and direct high volumes of traffic, knowing our servers can handle whatever we throw at them.

Intelligent and robust protection

Rest easy with safe, secure, and automated protection. Our range of security tools will ensure your sites are equipped to prevent attacks, and defend against them when needed. 

Disaster-proof backups

Our bulletproof, ZFS backing up system ensures your sites and data are safe – even if the worst should happen.

Free email accounts

Up to 10 professional and free hosted email accounts. Easily connect to your favorite email providers or use unlimited email forwarders.

We help you get everything setup in a way that best works for you and your team.

For basic sites


From $65/month

Up to 8GB memory

Up to 4 vCPU

Up to 60GB storage

Up to 10TB bandwidth

Up to 100K /month estimated visits

Essential hosting features

Full Hub features

For growing sites 


From $250/month

Up to 64GB memory

Up to 16 vCPU

Up to 640GB storage

Up to 30TB bandwidth

Up to 1.5M /month estimated visits

Essential hosting features

Full Hub features

1 hour to “Whatever you need” support per month (Value: $100)

GDPR and CCPA compliance, cookie consent & policy

Auto updating privacy policies from Termageddon

For extreme sites


Custom solution pricing 

Up to 192GB memory

Up to 32 vCPU

Up to 640GB storage

Up to 45TB bandwidth

Up to 3M /month estimated visits

Essential hosting features

Full Hub features

Leave us to worry about it. Everything from Silver plus you can leave us to deal with GDPR and CCPA cookie compliance as well as CalOPPA, CCPA, GDPR data privacy compliance from our partners at Termageddon. Policies that automatically update when laws are introduced and changed.

Need to change something that’s a little out of your comfort zone?? Get an hour per month with us to go through anything you need. This package is the real deal.