Hosting & maintenance solutions built for hotels and surf travel

[001] Growth Marketing

[002] Web

[003] Brand

[004] Content Creation

Website hosting and maintenance solutions built specifically for hotels and surf travel brands. 

FERN is stoked to offer custom built website and hosting solutions chat. At FERN, we understand the unique needs of your the travel and surf indyustry, and so we’ve designed three comprehensive hosting and maintenance packages to ensure your website stays not just operational but outstandiding with access to the very best tools out there.

Not only that, we have bundled our plans with the very best WordPress plugins available to allow online bookings, payments and everything you need to run your business all in one place. The best WordPress themes, a huge choice of templates as well as a community of other businesses working together to help each other succeed.

What else do our hosting plans include →

100+ Web templates to get you started

DIVI theme with lifetime updates 

A community of other business owners

Booking tools to make bookings online

24/7 WordPress support

Access to all future tools and updates from FERN

Fully dedicated, lightning fast

Dedicated and fully-optimized for WordPress, thanks to the amazing services from WPMUDev & Digital ocean, we are pretty sure you’ll struggle to find better value for money hosting that comes with all the perks we offer.. Nothing shared, no interruptions, support on tap..

This allows us to focus on building highly converting websites and direct high volumes of traffic, knowing our servers can handle whatever we throw at them.

Intelligent and robust protection

Rest easy with safe, secure, and automated protection. Our range of security tools will ensure your sites are equipped to prevent attacks, and defend against them when needed.

Disaster-proof backups

Our bulletproof, ZFS backing up system ensures your sites and data are safe – even if the worst should happen.

Free email accounts

Up to 10 professional and free hosted email accounts. Easily connect to your favorite email providers or use unlimited email forwarders.

We help you get everything setup in a way that best works for you and your team

powering →

Rachel Valentyne The Rebel Union

“Ragz at Fern Colab was the most wonderful person to assist me with all my SEO needs and fresh website build. From the word go, he was super helpful, and nothing was too much of an effort for him. He held my hand through the whole process of undertanding what my buisness needed to grow and prosper. He has truly set me up for success. 10 outta 10 will work with again!”

Annie Tao Always Keep Progressing

“I loved working with Fern Colab to fully revamp my website and to get our SEO going. We climbed in rank on Google very quickly and we love working with Ragz!”

Wella Villa Onu Mentawai 

“Ragz – Fern Colab his technical expertise in web design, SEO, copywriter (especially concerning products related to the surf industry). He precisely described our requirements and delivered our surf villa website exactly as we wanted. After a few months of hard work, our dream website became a reality! The result left us extremely satisfied and easy user for the booking engine.”