How to replace the internal clock battery on a Red Epic camera

Sick of your RED EPIC (DSMC1) losing it’s internal clock time?

With RED DIGITAL not servicing these cameras anymore, our man Paul spent a chunk of time looking for videos on how to do it…. but to no avail *Sad FACE*

Complete with intense background music to help you feel more badass as you open up a not so cheap camera here is an in-depth walkthrough of how it’s done. Now, Paul is openly honest in his video and this was the first time he opened up a Red Camera and its quite likely Red Digital Cinema would probably advise you against this but.. But what we are trying to say is, if you break yours, we didn’t tell you to do it. If that does happen though at least you’ll have an excuse to sell your kidney and upgrade to the DSMC2….

C.G. brought out a few videos on opening the RED DSMC1 bodies which is what inspired him to do it himself – for good for bad!

Check out C.G’s video thread. He’s doing amazing work with servicing DSMC1 bodies.

Also check out this doco web-series Paul is producing/shooting

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